One Shot - The Making of the Deerhunter

A large format book, with new & unseen images, marking the 40th anniversary of the Oscar winning The Deer Hunter starring Robert De Niro, John Cazale, John Savage, Meryl Streep and Christopher Walken released soon!


One Shot the making of The Deer Hunter’ to be released early 2019 is written by Jay Glennie. With outstanding contributions from Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep, Christopher Walken, John Savage, Vilmos Zsigmond…, paying homage to director Michael Cimino, ‘One Shot’ will also feature hundreds of images, many never before seen and stunning ephemeral content from the iconic film. The 40th anniversary Coattail Publications book is released with license from Studio Canal.

One Shot - The Making of the Deerhunter



Robert De Niro : Michael Vronsky

Meryl Streep : Linda

Chris Walken : Nick Chevotarevich

John Savage : Steven Pushkov

George Dzunda : John Welsh

Rutanya Alda : Angela Ludhjduravic

Paul D'Amato : Green Beret

Dennis Watlington : Cab Driver



Barry Spikings : Producer

Michael Deeley: Producer

John Peverall : Producer

Joann Carelli: Associate Producer

Marion Rosenberg : Associate Producer

Deric Washburn : Screenwriter

Quinn K. Redeker : Writer (story)

Vilmos Zsigmond: Cinematographer

Michael Grillo: 2nd Assistant Director

Chase Newhart : Trainee Assistant Director

John Williams : Performer: Main Title Theme

Ken Kovach : Choir Master

John Learned : 2nd AD Thailand

Barry Butler : Production Assistant: Thailand

Patrick Gauvain : Production Assistant: Thailand

Robert Werden : Unit Publicist

Rupert Perry : EMI Music Soundtrack

Thom Mount : Universal Studios President

Willette Klausner : Universal Studios Publicity

Harry Ufland : Robert De Niro's agent

Mike Medavoy - Head of Production United Artists


The Deer Hunter legacy

Jeff Bridges

Volker Schlöndorff : Oscar winning director of The Tin Drum

F. X. Feeney : writer and friend of Michael Cimino

Curtis Tsui : Head of Criterion

Alberto Barbera - Director Venice Film Festival

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